Decentralized Data Cloud

TonCloud introduces an innovative solution that redefines data management within the blockchain ecosystem—the Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC). Seamlessly integrating blockchain's immutable nature with advanced data handling capabilities, TonCloud DDC ushers in a new era of secure, efficient, and decentralized data storage and retrieval.

Revolutionizing Data Management

The Decentralized Data Cloud represents a groundbreaking approach to data storage and utilization. Traditional centralized data management models often fall short in ensuring security, transparency, and accessibility. TonCloud DDC steps in to address these challenges, offering a robust solution that transforms data into a valuable asset for various applications.

Benefits of the DDC

TonCloud Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) empowers the creation of Web3 decentralized applications, ensuring users retain ownership of their data.

Flexible Data Storage and Management:

  • Safeguard data, either encrypted or unencrypted, within storage clusters

  • Accommodate large file storage requirements

  • Facilitate data retrieval based on CID, Tags, and Filenames

  • Support both mutable and immutable data storage

  • Developer-friendly bucket management akin to AWS S3

  • Implement authentication for bucket access

Secure, Reliable, and GDPR-Compliant Data Storage and Validation:

  • Assure data availability through replication, ensuring redundancy for critical information

  • Store data in GDPR-compliant geofenced EU clusters

  • Employ trustless validation mechanisms to ensure correct behavior of data nodes via incentive distribution and slashing

Swift Data Delivery:

  • Enable streaming of files for faster loading times

  • Achieve scalability through horizontal scaling approaches

Integrated File Sharing and Serverless App Hosting Empower Developers to:

  • Host serverless applications seamlessly

  • Generate shareable URLs without necessitating individual web app deployment

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