TonCloud Swap

TonCloud Swap functionality leverages the decentralized exchange (DEX) module and the Native Oracle of the TON Network to provide users with a seamless and efficient way to swap assets. This feature allows users to exchange one cryptocurrency for another directly within the TonCloud ecosystem.

By utilizing the DEX module, TonCloud enables users to execute token swaps in a trustless and decentralized manner, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This not only enhances security but also ensures transparency throughout the swap process.

Additionally, the integration of the Native Oracle of the TON Network enhances the accuracy of pricing data and real-time information for various assets. This Oracle technology ensures that users receive precise and up-to-date market data, enabling them to make informed decisions when participating in asset swaps.

TonCloud's Swap feature is designed to empower users with a user-friendly and secure way to exchange assets, contributing to a seamless experience within the broader TonCloud ecosystem.

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