TonCloud Staking

Staking Mechanism

TonCloud offers a dynamic staking mechanism that empowers participants to engage with the network in a secure and rewarding manner. Through TonCloud staking, users can actively contribute to the protocol's stability and growth while earning rewards for their commitment.

Lock-Up and Participation: When users decide to stake their tokens, they commit a certain amount of assets to the network for a predefined period. This action demonstrates their dedication to the TonCloud ecosystem and supports its operations.

Network Security and Consensus: Staked tokens play a pivotal role in ensuring the security and consensus of the TonCloud network. Validators, the nodes responsible for validating transactions and maintaining the network, require a stake to participate. This mechanism aligns their incentives with the network's health and integrity.

Reward Distribution: In return for their contributions, stakers receive rewards in the form of additional tokens. These rewards are distributed based on the amount of tokens staked and the duration of participation. This incentivizes users to actively participate in the network's governance and growth.

Participatory Governance: TonCloud's staking mechanism goes beyond mere token rewards. Stakers often have the opportunity to participate in key governance decisions that impact the protocol's direction. This grants the community a voice in shaping the future of TonCloud.

Flexibility and Accessibility: TonCloud's staking mechanism is designed to offer flexibility. Participants can choose between various staking options, such as different lock-up periods or types of tokens. This allows stakers to tailor their engagement to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Promoting Long-Term Commitment: Staking encourages a long-term commitment to the TonCloud ecosystem. This alignment of interests between participants and the network fosters a strong and dedicated community.

Staking duration

Staking Mechanism of TonCloud with different staking durations and their corresponding Annual Percentage Yields (APYs):

Staking DurationAPY (Annual Percentage Yield)

30 days

Up to 100%

90 days

Up to 300%

180 days

Up to 600%

In summary, TonCloud's staking mechanism not only enhances the network's security and stability but also rewards active participants and empowers them to influence the protocol's development. Through staking, users become integral contributors to TonCloud's thriving ecosystem.

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